• How can I use UgoCab?

    You only need to download the UgoCab application on your smartphone via App Store or Google Play. You can also go to our website Internet www.ugocab.com. Then you simply have to register to use the UgoCab services and order a chauffeur

  • In which geographical zones can I use UgoCab?

    The geographical zone is visible on the order page of each city

  • I forgot my password, how can I connect to UgoCab?

    Click on the following link « Password forgotten », we will send you an email with the instructions to reset your password.

  • How do I pay my fare?

    The payment of your fare is charged directly to the credit card you chose for registration or the card you chose during your order. You will also receive a detailed invoice by email upon arrival.

  • Is my credit card information stored?

    No, we do not store bank account information on our servers. Your information is secured by our partners and benefits from the highest levels of encoding.

  • What are the extra services that UgoCab proposes?

    On top of our luxury vehicles and professional chauffeurs, UgoCab proposes :

    • A digital tablet
    • A wifi access
    • Your musical ambiance
    • A bottled watter
    • A charger for your smartphone
  • Can I give an overall rating of the service and the chauffeur in particular?

    Once you have arrived at your destination, you have the possibility to evaluate your chauffeur and to add a commentary directly in the UgoCab application.

    Your remarks are important to us; they help us to ameliorate the UgoCab service.

    You will also find an option which allows you to leave a tip which is totally up to your discretion and which will go entirely to the chauffeur.

  • Will I be informed when my chauffeur has arrived?

    As soon as you place your order you can follow the real-time approach of your chauffeur on the UgoCab application or on the website

    You will also receive a notification when your chauffeur has arrived at the pick-up location.

  • Can I order a chauffeur for someone else?

    Yes, you simply indicate the pick-up address of the person so the chauffeur can go and pick them up.

  • From what point is my fare being charged?

    When your chauffeur arrives at the pick-up location, a confirmation notice is sent to you. The charges start when you are seated in the vehicle.

  • How much time can the chauffeur wait for me?

    After 10 minutes with no notification from you, nor any response from the chauffeur's calls, he is free to leave and you will only be charged the minimum fare corresponding to the vehicle category.

  • Are rates the same during the day and at night?

    Yes, the rates are unique and advantageous 24/7 and holidays.

  • Can I reserve in advance?

    Yes of course, from 30 days to 1 hour before the pick-up time.

  • Is it possible to cancel my chauffeur after I've already ordered?

    It is possible to cancel during the 2 minutes after you order, with no charge.

    After 2 minutes, annulation charges will be applied to compensate the cost of the chauffeur's travel distance.

    For advanced reservations, charges will be applied if the cancellation is less than 30 minutes before the anticipated departure time.

  • I left a personal belonging in one of your cars - what should I do?

    You can contact our client service 24/7 at this address #

  • How much will my itinerary, cost?

    You can estimate your fare with the UgoCab application or on our website. The price depends on the vehicle category you choose.

  • Can I track the cost in real-time?

    Yes, you can track the cost in real-time during the itinerary, on the UgoCab application or on our website.

    At the end of each itinerary, the total cost will automatically appear on the UgoCab interface and you will receive the detailed invoice.

  • How can I use my promo codes?

    You received a promo code when you registered with our service which you can share with your friends

    Use of this promotional code is personal and non commercial

    You can share your promotional code with your friends only by email, sms, on your Twitter page, Facebook page or any other page of which you are the owner of the contents. You are not authorized to publish it on other web pages of which you don't own the contents.

    UgoCab reserves the right to suspend your account and to cancel the credits you may have obtained in violation of the provisions stated above.

    You have the possibility to sponsor your friend to the limit of 25 people.

  • I have other questions - how can I contact you?

    Don't hesitate to ask your questions via the contact form on our website www.ugocab.com/en-en/contact

    We will answer as quickly as possible.